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AbstractObjective To examine the safety of pertussis vaccination in pregnancy.Main outcome measure Adverse events identified from clinical diagnoses during pregnancy, with additional data from the matched child record identified through mother child linkage. The primary event of interest was stillbirth (intrauterine death after 24 weeks’ gestation).Results There was no evidence of an increased risk of stillbirth in the 14 days immediately after vaccination (incidence rate ratio 0.69, 95% confidence interval 0.23 to 1.62) or later in pregnancy (0.85, 0.44 to 1.61) compared with historical national rates. Compared with a matched historical cohort of unvaccinated pregnant women, there was no evidence that vaccination accelerated the time to delivery (hazard ratio 1.00, 0.97 to 1.02).

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He did just that on Williams at end of a 13 yard gain on a

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