For his last show in Victoria

New Movement 72 Christopher J. Taylor Petitioning 61 Tony Barr Petitioning 24 Bristol Party Votes Board of Assessment Appeals Mary L Alford 6,116 Stacey A Raymond 5,554 Shirley A Salvatore 5,502 Richard J Harlow 5,234 Board of Education Thomas P O’Brien Democrat 6,288 Christopher C Wilson Democrat 6,266 Karen C Hintz Democrat 6,111 Karen L Vibert Democrat 5,876 Tina Marie Taylor Democrat 5,867 Joe P Grabowski Democrat 5,818 Jennifer Dube Republican 5,808 Jeff Caggiano Republican 5,472 David Scott Jr Republican 5,125 Larry Amara Republican 5,097 Jeffrey Morgan Republican 5,046 Genard Dolan Republican 4,742 Council Dist. 1 Calvin Avery Brown Democrat 2,368 Anthony D’Amato Republican 2,334 Eric L Carlson Republican 2,263 Mayra Berrios Sampson Democrat 2,035 Council Dist.

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Westbrook responded by saying Barkley has the worst styleout of all the Inside the NBA crew members. Then, Westbrook added that he thinks the whole crew is the worst. And then, he concluded by just saying, is terrible. Game ball to reserve forward Robert Lumpkins, whose 12 points off the bench allowed RU to stay in the game despite all the foul trouble. He also blocked three shots. Honorable mention to Mike Coburn (12 points, 7 assists, zero turnovers in 34 minutes).

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And now he’s got it, even if his library is like all the others in downplaying presidential foibles and fumbles, most notably the impeachment that resulted from Clinton’s affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Don’t expect to see a certain blue Gap dress. It has been ever thus: There is an inevitable tension in presidential libraries between history and hagiography..

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