Defining cessationWe calculated the proportion of patients who

The study population was then stratified into those taking statins for primary prevention (defined as those with no record of a previous cardiovascular event) and those taking statins for secondary prevention (those with any previous event).Defining cessationWe calculated the proportion of patients who stopped their statins each month: stopping was defined as receiving no further prescription within 28 days of the end date of the previous prescription. This 28 day grace period allowed time for patients with previously overlapping prescriptions to use their excess tablets, based on a preliminary analysis in which we identified all prescriptions from January 2011 to October 2013 and calculated that 90% of prescriptions were followed up with a new prescription within 28 days of the initial prescription ending. Only those remaining alive, under follow up, and free from cardiovascular disease (for the primary prevention analysis) for the full 28 day grace period were included in the denominator.Period of exposure to high media coverageWe defined an exposure period of October 2013 to March 2014, and we compared patterns of statin initiation and cessation before and after this time period.

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