I kind of want Kevin to have grown into the wilds of MH by

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fake oakleys Here my question(s): When MH comes back, will Andy be doing what he loves full time (cartoons), will Posey inner light still shine despite the state of the world, will Gus and Walley still have the diner and the movie house (or will they finally have retired), will college have chewed Kevin up and spit him out into a busted economy/will he be burnt out from years of worrying about perfection/will he find love, and, most importantly cheap oakleys, will Jim still be getting toasted up on the roof? So many years have gone by, it hard to imagine them all living in the same apartment building, though if they all had separate places to live, MH could develop that much further. I kind of want Kevin to have grown into the wilds of MH by gaining a little grit and street intelligence, while still retaining his awkward, super brain status. He the hero Mission Hill needs, and most certainly the one it deserves.. fake oakleys

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